Our Global Markets teams operate across all key asset classes in frontier and emerging markets, bringing local expertise to international investors.


Equity and Equity Derivatives

Renaissance Capital is a pioneer in equity and equity derivatives services across emerging and frontier markets.

The Firm’s offering for investors looking to engage with the equity and equity derivatives market includes:

  • Sales and trading in equities, depositary receipts and ETFs
  • Public and privately placed securities
  • Equity research
  • Equity derivatives, Delta One and non-linear derivatives on a wide range of underlines


Fixed Income

Renaissance Capital has the leading fixed income sales and trading, capital markets practice in Russia, CIS and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Renaissance Capital provides a full scope of services for investors in fixed income instruments, including:

  • Debt sales and trading
  • Local and international bonds
  • Currency-denominated instruments
  • Sovereign and quasi-sovereign domestic and international debt strategies


FX and IR Derivatives

Renaissance Capital has built a strong platform for delivering top-quality FX spot and derivatives products.

We leverage the large internal FX flows from our world-class equity and fixed income trading operations to build efficient execution strategies for our clients.

Our FX derivatives capabilities allow us to price and risk-manage vanilla and exotic FX and interest-rate derivatives covering most of the emerging and frontier markets space.



Renaissance Capital gives clients extensive access to commodities markets via futures, options and customised structured notes.

We focus on the most liquid markets (energy, metals, bulk and soft commodities), but can provide access to more exotic commodities to fulfil specific client requests and help to create the most efficient hedging strategy.


REPO and Financing

Renaissance Capital is one of the biggest repo operators in the emerging and frontier markets, with a strong position in financing.

We enable clients to build leveraged positions and undertake margin trading in various liquid assets (including equity and fixed-income assets denominated in hard and soft currencies and issued in various countries all over the globe). The scope of our financing products starts with standardised quick-access margin trading, expands to services to create and finance customised investment portfolios, and also covers strategic equity financing.