10 May 2017
Renaissance Capital opens 8th Annual Pan-Africa 1:1 Investor Conference in Lagos

Lagos, 10 May 2017 - Renaissance Capital, a leading emerging and frontier markets investment bank with over 20 years of operations, commenced its 8th Annual Pan-Africa 1:1 Investor Conference today in Lagos. The conference provides one-on-one access to leading Pan-African companies including major Nigerian corporates, as well as tailor-made site-visits and regional trips. It also presents opportunities to hear first-hand insights from prominent opinion leaders and economists in the region.

Opening the conference, Christophe Charlier, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Renaissance Capital said “There is still a lot of work to be done, but genuine shifts do not happen overnight. We can see changes have started to take place and can say with confidence that the underlying attractive attributes of the Nigerian and wider African market remain intact”.

Temi Popoola, Chief Executive Officer, Renaissance Capital Nigeria, stated: “Many are questioning the veracity of the ‘Africa Rising’ story, but we are seeing encouraging developments in Nigeria’s economic situation. He added that “In order to deepen Nigeria’s capital market, we need to answer questions about the participation of local investors in the investor’s FX window, and in this regard, investor education and the provision of credit are most important.”

Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, Former Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria – who gave the guest keynote address – statedTo think of a life for our country beyond oil, we need a clear strategy. For an economy like Nigeria’s, which is in need of refuelling, we cannot solely address import substitution; we must instead develop export-oriented industrialization.”

During his presentation “Africa 2017 – What happens now?”, Charles Robertson, Global Chief Economist, Renaissance Capital said “What drives equity is not the level of growth, but rather the growth accelerator; and right now, according to the IMF, Nigeria is the third best in this regard. Major work is being done to improve the ease of doing business...and we should begin to see improvements; it is evident that the country will be looking better within the next 12 months. But we need to see industrialisation to get the growth that Nigeria needs, and we need to see the government lift up investments.”

Over the three days, the conference will host hundreds of one-on-one investor-to-corporate meetings. The event continuously champions the Nigeria growth story, helping global investors see the inherent potential in the market, as well as demonstrating Renaissance Capital’s commitment to Nigeria and the region at large.